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Exakt Lite

Exakt Lite is an inuitive and user friendly FM synthesizer plugin.
From harsh digital and cold sounds known from the FM era to warm and organic sounds, Exakt Lite can create a wide range of sounds.

  • 4 aliasing free Operators with drag-and-drop envelopes
  • 8 classic FM algorithms
  • Filter with lowpass, highpass and bandpass
  • Visualization of the resulting waveform for immediate editing response
  • LFO syncable to host



Exakt Lite has been updated to version 1.2. We have fixed a nasty bug preventing the plugin to be used with more than one instance. Please update your installations.

Exakt Lite has been updated to version 1.1. We have fixed a few bugs and changed a few things, many thanks for all the bug reports and feedback!

Exakt Lite has been updated to version 1.0 It contains bugfixes and enhancements.

A bug prevented Exakt Lite from being used in Logic X and MainStage 3.